From 24/10/2023 to 27/10/2023, electronics exhibition in Seoul, Korea

KES 2023
KES(Korea Electronics Show) is specialized for the electronics and IT industry, a new marketplace where various partnerships can take place between exhibitors and buyers.
Jack and Lucy were advised by experts about the technology products on display
KES is the largest exhibition of electronics & IT in Korea, where major domestic electronics companies(Samsung, LG Electronics,…) and other prospective start-ups participat.
Steve, Alan and Lucy are learning about an information solution powered by high technology.
It is a world-leading innovation hub and an influential exhibition for the electronics & IT industry with cutting-edge technology and trends-leading companies from emerging industries such as smart life, mobility transportation, metaverse, and sustainability.
Many smart technology devices appear to attract visitors
EMC engineers from GCL laboratory had extremely useful experiences when attending the exhibition, gaining knowledge from products displayed by technology companies.