Training on electrical safety at work

Training on electrical safety at work

GCL members (Hanoi) participate in a training session on electrical safety at work.
Due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, everyone was trained online through Zoom software.
The lecture helps people understand the importance of electrical safety as well as know how to avoid it.

Electricity is the basic source of energy in factories and enterprises, from rural to urban areas, the number of people exposed to electricity is increasing.

– Electrical safety is one of the important issues of labor protection: Possible causes of electrical accidents: lack of knowledge about electrical safety; do not follow the rules of electrical safety.

The concept of electrical safety can be understood as a series of response measures to prevent the occurrence of an electrical accident. These electrical safety measures help us to be better protected when working in an environment with the risk of electrical accidents such as factories, workshops, construction sites, ....

Electrical safety is a system of organizational measures and technical means to prevent harmful and dangerous effects on people from electric currents, electric arcs, electromagnetic fields and static electricity.

Everyone knows that the electricity industry is one of the most potentially unsafe occupations. Statistics show that the rate of serious occupational accidents and injuries caused by lack of knowledge and experience in occupational safety training is increasing day by day. It requires more special attention from the state and businesses in occupational safety and hygiene, especially in the electricity industry.