Technical experts of KTL, KTC and GCL participated training program and technology exchange at Quacert (Vietnam Certification Center)

Training course on national technical regulations QCVN9:2012/BKHCN and ISO/IEC 17065 standards on conformity assessment at Quacert

Quacert Director Tran Quoc Dung took a photo with technical experts from GCL, KTL, KTC laboratories
On July 25-28, 2022, Technical experts from KTL (Korean testing laboratory) , KTC (Korean testing center) and GCL (Global compliance laboratory) attended training program and technology exchange at Quacert conformity certification center.
Attending the training course have Mr. Quyen from Quacert, Mr. Michael Yu GCL (HN) Lab, Mr. Kim Yang Hyun from KTL Lab, Mr. Hyun Byung Jin from KTC Lab
The training session emphasized the importance of physical checking electronic components that could potentially cause electromagnetic interference as well as specifications of the electronics inside, tag, label of products
After receiving theoretical training at the Quacert certification center, GCL, KTL and KTC experts were given specific instructions and practice physical checking by disassembling the component of product test. After that, it was time to exchange technology and knowledge among technical experts representing by each laboratory
Mr. Tran Quoc Dung presents certificates to the participants
The training session ended well with the joy and excitement from the representatives of the laboratories, this is a good opportunity to exchange technology development between laboratories as well as enhance the friendship between laboratories Vietnam- Korea